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Purified water, re-energized water. pure silver and nothing else

We see a health care system that is really a disease-care system, spending one tenth of it's resources on preventing disease and nine tenth on 'managing' it, and deny that profit motive is what stops any real progress on educating people in how to act and eat and live in a way which promotes good health.

Silver, being a natural product, cannot be patented. It cannot be 'owned' by anyone. Therefore, there is no money in it. No pharmaceutical company can have exclusive rights to it. On the other hand, it takes an average of ten to twenty million dollars to develop and put on the market each new chemical antibiotic. Can you imagine the investment, the vested interest these corporations have to protect? Colloidal Silver, if allowed to be known, could wipe out the use of all chemical antibiotics. Not only does it work, it works without side-effects and it also works on viruses, when there are no chemicals that will work on a virus.

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EU legislation prevents us from making any

medical claims as to the qualities of Colloidal Silver. However testimonials to a multitude of uses can be

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